Social and cultural development

Socialization is a very important aspect in a preschooler.

To develop these we organize:

1. Events and celebrations like palkhi, Dahi-handi, dandiya Diwali, Christmas, Independence Day, etc. throughout the year. These events provide a child with different social and cultural experiences.

2.  Group activities wherein children need to come and work together

  • School prayer and National Anthem
  • Art & craft activities
  • Games
  • Storytime – where children enact the characters of the story, library time – children share the books.
  • Annual day and many more………

Gross Motor Development

Gross motor skills are the abilities required in order to control the large muscles of the body for walking, running, sitting, hopping, balancing, etc….. And various other activities in daily life.

To develop gross motor skills we take many activities like

  • Throwing, kicking, catching, and bouncing the ball.
  • Climbing up the steps.
  • Jumping forward & backward.
  • Fun races that involve foot eye, hand-eye coordination.
  • A dance that requires the coordination of all the body parts.

Fine Motor Development

Fine motor movements involve the coordination of small muscles in the hands and fingers. Strong fine motor skills are essential to complete tasks such as writing, drawing and many days to day activities.

To develop fine motor skills we give our kids to play with

  • Puzzles
  • Shape sorters
  • Blocks
  • Cups
  • Art materials like paint, scribbling with jumbo crayons, play dough
  • Stringing the beads and button and many more…………..

All these activities encourage exploration, problem-solving, and eye-hand coordination.

Language and Communication Development

Language development is the process by which children come to understand and communicate language. From birth to 5 years of age kids develop language at a very rapid pace. Receptive language development (ability to comprehend language) usually develops faster than expressive language (ability to communicate).

At sunshine, we have the following activities to develop communication skills.

Rhymes & songs.

Young children love music and movement. Songs and rhymes have a huge positive impact on a child’s language and literacy development. Children love to rhyme, rhythm, and repetition. These three things found in songs & rhymes can naturally help to boost up language skills. By singing and hearing rhymes, children understand how sounds combine and blend together to form a word.

At Sunshine, we have a huge collection of rhymes and songs in English, Hindi, and Marathi.


Stories are a great way to introduce new words and ideas into the child’s language. Stories spark your child’s imagination and stimulate curiosity and exploration. Stories also help children understand the happenings around them.

So we have story sessions every day for all the classes as a part of our curriculum. We use various puppets, flashcards, toys, etc…. while taking stories. We also take the stories in such a way that children enact the characters of the story and say the dialogues. By this, children learn to use the language efficiently.

Picture talk

A picture is worth 1000 words. 70% of the learning happens with Visual aids as they are colorful and related to our daily lives. Pictures make learning lively and more interesting. Children are able to correlate with their daily routine. So we have a picture talk every day at our school.  We encourage children to participate in the conversation & so their vocabulary is developed.

Academic Development

Academics help to prepare children for the real world. It opens up doors to the world around you.

Reading & writing skills: 

We at Sunshine, help to nurture reading and writing skills in a playful and exploratory way. We have various math and science activities in which children contribute their own ideas and use their own problem-solving strategies. We also create such a learning environment and organize materials so that children use them to figure out things and learn new concepts.

Hindi is our National language. Therefore apart from Science, Math, English language, we also have the Hindi language for our Kindergarten section wherein children are taught to write and read Hindi. It facilitates children opting for CBSE/ICSE board for the primary level.

Shloka As we all know chanting Shloka is accompanied by systematic rhythmic deep breathing, it brings an added supply of oxygen which helps sharpen the focus and improve concentration. Shlokas also help in keeping the mind alert and sharpen the brain. We take Sanskrit, Hindi and Marathi shlokas for all the classes in our school.